Nassau NYSCAME COVID-19 Statement



The outbreak of COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge and disruption to the education of the students in our school districts.

While answers to many questions and plans to open schools are not yet clear, the ingenuity of our Arts educators has been remarkable in the face of this crisis. Our teachers are responding to the needs of students and their families in this challenging moment.

One of Nassau NYSCAME’s goals is to provide our music educators with the support, resources and online professional development necessary to keep music education in Nassau County at the highest level possible.

For the 2020-21 school year, all of our professional development activities and meetings will be online, as will our annual Balanced Mind Conference. Our September “welcome” meeting will be held via Zoom. Subsequent membership seminars will also be held in a similar fashion, unless there is a major change in the status of the pandemic.

Because of this, the invoice that can be found on our website only includes information on how to process payment for annual membership ($40 for active members and $25 for retirees). This allows members to be a part of our ongoing discussions and “sharing” sessions. A listing of meeting dates can also be found on the website.

If, at some point during the school year the status pandemic changes and allows for in-person seminars and work-sessions, an additional invoice will be posted for processing by you or your district.

The Executive Board looks forward to this new challenge and is, as always, here to assist you in any way possible. Stay safe!