NYSCAME Superintendents Meeting

Friday, January 19, 2018

Connecting to our own Creativity
Presented by Allison Morgan
MA, OTR, E-RYT, founder and CEO of Zensational Kids
Whether it is music, math, or writing, creative expression is essential. We have become a society of “over-thinkers.” Often times, our stress brain takes over and we become blocked. This happens to students about to take a test, the musician who is about to perform in front of an audience or the writer who is trying to come up with new ideas. Mindfulness helps us unlock the creative part of our brain and tap into the reservoir of ingenuity we hold in our heart. In this presentation you will learn “easy to try and apply” mindful techniques to help you discover how a calmer state cultivates your own creativity as a musician and educator of music instruction.

Allison MorganAllison Morgan MA, OTR, E-RYT is the founder and CEO of Zensational Kids, an educational company bringing evidence-based yoga and mindful practices to school communities world-wide. Teaching the inner resources of focused attention, inner peace and stress reduction, Allison is passionate about training educators, mental health practitioners and allied health professionals techniques to share these practices with youth.
Discovering the many physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral benefits yoga and mindfulness provided for her occupational therapy clients in 2007, Allison began writing curriculum and developing programs to teach others how to apply these practices.

She is the author of EDUCATE 2B: Tools for Engaged Learning and Living, as well as EVERYDAY Mindfulness: Techniques For Teens To Develop Compassion, Calm, Focus And Resilience.

Allison Morgan is the author of Wisdom Within, a children’s exploration of inner awareness. Allison contributed to Best Practices for School Yoga.

She contributes to several advisory boards and organizations striving to create better lives for our children. She authored the mindfulness component to social and emotional curriculum for the Jessie Lewis Choose Love Program and collaborated with Newark Yoga Movement to design a school-wide morning program, Inner Calm.

Allison is a sought after international speaker who brings knowledge, wit and joy, inspiring her audience to tap into their own inner resilience so they may share it with their community.